How easy is it to get visibility on ad-hoc orders?

21 June 2022
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Freight exchanges, commonly used to increase transport efficiency, allow carriers to win new orders, and forwarders and manufacturers to find ways to transport loads that their regular subcontractors will not take on. Is visibility of orders with new subcontractors possible? Although this is a challenge with orders that are close in time, it is possible to verify at the contractor selection level whether the contractor will make monitoring available to the client. Why is it profitable for the carriers?

Both the domestic and EU TSL market is largely based on Polish transport companies, which, in order to remain competitive, strive to win new orders faster and make the fullest use of their loading space. Orders from new principals, often placed via freight exchanges, allow these objectives to be met, increasing company revenue. By making cargo monitoring available to a new customer, the haulier significantly increases its chances of establishing permanent cooperation with the shipper.

How to improve transport efficiency?

Transport efficiency shows to what extent cargo space is utilised during journeys. It is currently estimated that the average value in the European Union is around 55%. This means that by optimising the use of trailer space it would be possible to transport several tens of percent more freight at comparable costs. This would allow the haulier to maximise his profits on a given route, which seems particularly important at a time when the basic costs of transport companies are constantly rising. If we compare the potential resulting from the efficient management of loading space with the volume of 60 million transport orders placed via freight exchanges in our country annually, transport companies can gain more by increasing their competitiveness through the implementation of additional services such as transport visibility.

Express Monitoring – visibility for orders executed by new subcontractors

Being aware of the scale of ad-hoc orders, often carried out by new subcontractors, and in order to ensure comfort for all parties involved in the order, we have prepared a ready-made solution that enables launching real-time tracking for non-cooperating parties through Express Monitoring on the CO3 platform. We believe that for a shipper, in addition to the financial conditions offered by the carrier, the provision of monitoring can be a decisive factor in choosing a subcontractor, especially if it is part of his standards or the cargo to which the order relates is of high value.

We have provided a search engine on our website that enables you to verify whether a particular haulier or vehicle is integrated into the CO3 platform and can therefore provide real-time monitoring of the order to the client. The search engine makes it possible to check according to the following criteria:

  • name of the transport company,
  • the transport company’s VAT number,
  • vehicle registration number.

After entering the contractor’s data, CO3 clients can verify if by executing an order with a given carrier they will be able to monitor the order, as well as, in the case of forwarding companies, make the monitoring link available to a third party, e.g. the client. If a transport company is found, the shipper can generate a one-click request to start tracking a particular vehicle while it is in progress. Visibility of the vehicles of registered transporters is, with their consent, available on the spot.

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