New tracking solution to increase journey visibility for Europe’s trucking market co-developed by CO3, sennder and IVECO

CO3, sennder, Europe’s leading digital road freight forwarder and IVECO, the commercial vehicles brand of CNH Industrial announce a partnership to track loads on the sennder platform join by working on a solution as a result of which shippers will have the opportunity to increase the visibility of their loads, while at the same time carriers will be provided with a simple and safe implementation in order to share vehicle monitoring for the order.

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Geofencing as a new functionality of the CO3 platform.

The CO3 platform has been enriched with the possibility of using geofencing. How does it work and how can shippers and transport companies benefit from it? In brief: Geofencing is increasingly used as a complement to telematics systems. Geofence is the virtual boundary of a real geographic area. Using geofencing in a specific way and […]

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Futura Cargo increases transport transparency with CO3 – Case Study.

Customers of transport companies require the GPS signal of their cargo more and more often. In a situation where deliveries are made by many subcontractors, the tracking process is tedious and time-consuming. Futura Cargo has simplified it by integrating telematics data in one place – the CO3 platform.unication and connection are not empty platitudes, but […]

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