Sharing monitoring on the CO3 platform for BONABANCO

1 September 2022
Instructions on how to proceed in 6 steps.

1. Log in to the CO3 platform using the link:

Enter your username and password or log in using google.

2. Create a Monitoring order to be delivered and reported to the Bonabanco company:

Go to Monitoring -> Outgoing, then press the blue +Create Monitoring button

3. Fill in the order details to be delivered and reported to Bonabanco:

Fill in the form fields:

  • Order number – the transport order number that is in use between your company and the Customer,
  • Additional info – please enter the word ‘bonabanco’,
  • Carrier’s company – select your company from the list,
  • Vehicle – select the vehicle you will use for the transport order,
  • Choose monitoring type -> Time Monitoring, and then select the time frame for monitoring order from the calendar,
    • Start date,
    • End date.

We suggest to mark the period min. 2h before planned loading and 2h after planned unloading

Confirm with the button: Create

(at the bottom of the screen)

4. Confirm that you have created a monitoring order to be delivered and reported to Bonabanco:

Confirm the monitoring compliance by pressing the Confirm button.

A confirmation of a properly submitted monitoring will be displayed at the top of the screen:

5. Share the monitoring of the order to be delivered and reported to Bonabanco:

From the monitoring table, share the order monitoring with Bonabanco by pressing the middle icon in the Actions column.

Enter the email address for sharing order monitoring with bonabanco:

Then confirm with the Share button.

Order monitoring has been shared!

When the transport order is completed, when the vehicle is unloaded, generate a route report.

Return to the list of monitoring/orders and select the order to which you want to generate a report.

Then click the button: Generate Report

Download as PDF using button: Download.

Submit the downloaded report along with all other documents to bonabanco.

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