30 September 2022

1. Go to

2. Log in to your account


3. Click on user icon


4. Click “New user”



5. Fill in “Name”, “Username”, “E-mail” i “Company”
Name should be in YourCompanyName_CO3 format!



6. In “Active Time Period” wybierz “Unlimited”



7. In “Profile” section select “Standard”



8. In “Interfaces” section select “WEBFLEET.connect”


9. Click “Okay”

If you want to share all vehicles go to step 15!

10. In “Vehicle access” for “All vehicles” select “No access”


11. Select “Add extended right”


12. Click “Select vehicles” and select vehicles, that you want to share


13. Select “Full access”


14. Click “Add”


15. Click “Save”


16. CO3 will receive e-mail with a request to set a password

16.  Send an e-mail to to inform that you have created an account

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