The most flexible way to track transports.
Fastest carrier onboarding process.

At CO3 we strive to create a world where every company in logistics industry have an equal access to a transparent, automated and efficient collaboration. We do this by connecting logistics stakeholders and creating products that streamline their communication and cooperation processes.

The first steps to this world is with our state-of-the-art GPS tracking product. It is focused on connecting shippers and carriers so that carriers have an easy and secure way to share GPS location of the trucks carrying shipper's goods.


Shipper, obligated by end customers, wants to control/track their goods and increase incident and risk management by process automation. They are able to monitor everything inside own company but are not able to control outside processes. Our solution is designed to help them to achieve higher transparency that is crucial for further supply-chain automatisation.

The fastest integration

Integrate your systems in the matter or days, or use our online interface immediately. With the fastest carrier onboarding process, you can onboard your carriers in days, not months.

SPOT focus

CO3 has the leanest carrier onboarding process that only takes minutes and makes it possible to track carriers in the SPOT market, which was unheard of before.

Flexible infrastructure for edge cases

Last minute location or truck changes, ... CO3 has got the edge cases covered to enable you to track more of your contracted fleet.

We won't stop with tracking

While GPS tracking is integral part of collaboration with contractors, we are working on a portfolio of features and products that would help you connect, communicate and collaborate in a more transparent and efficient way.


Carriers are the ones that are always considered as servants even they are doing the most important job - transportation of goods. For the last decades, shippers are treated like the kings of the supply chains and are equipped with multiple weapons like tendering systems. CO3 follow the rule - Carrier first! All we do is carrier-centric developed and focused. We want them to get tools that will provide them with enough documented information to stand unequal shippers pressure.

Fastest integration

Integrate with CO3 in hours and not days. All you need to do is login with your GPS provider (e.g. TomTom, Scania) data and you will be ready to monitor your fleet as well as share GPS location with your customers. This means that you can share GPS location even in the SPOT market to improve your quality of service.

Overview and analytics of your fleet

Many carriers have multiple GPS providers in their fleet. If they want to check location of their trucks, they might need to visit 2-5 websites. When integrated with CO3, you can monitor and analyze your whole fleet in your own TMS, irrespective of how many GPS providers you are using.

Secure GPS sharing

We want you to be in control of your data, so you can decide whether you want to share GPS location with your client for one transport order, couple of days or multiple months. If you change your mind, you can always change with whom and for how long you share the data in your account.

Trip reports

You will see how your transport has been executed, how and when communication happened. Reports can be used to analyze lanes, trucks, customers. At the same time,  the trip report can be used as a single-source-of-truth in case any issues must be resolved with the shipper.

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