Success Story Seifert

27 May 2021
10 minute read

Creating products for a specific customer or industry usually involves certain risks. One may rely on their own experience or notion, but the assistance of an involved user is priceless.

Seifert Logistics Group has become the CO3 customer one year ago. The distinguishing mark of the Seifert group is authenticity, flexibility in operation and global-0scale thinking.

This circumstance allowed CO3 to show how precisely and quickly it responds to the needs of the customer. During negotiations, we were informed about a contract which had just been signed with a new business partner. Its scope concerned performance of transport and monitoring service. We tentatively agreed that should we manage to combine selected orders, we would start cooperation on a larger scale. The challenge was all the greater as it was Friday, and the order commenced on the same day. We made the grade – within 3 h the carrier had its account on the CO3 platform, and Seifert could monitor it immediately.

This situation indicates excellent, relational and trust-based cooperation between Seifert and its subcontractors. Currently, 100% of the subcontracting fleet contracted for monitoring permanently cooperates with Seifert Polska, which has a 24/7 insight into the subcontracting fleets, of course, with their explicit consent.

Apart from a new customer and regular cooperation, CO3 gained a so-called heavy-user (an involved user that actively and regularly uses the product), who shares ideas for improving the CO3 platform. The Seifert staff provides regular feedback and participates in research sessions, therefore having a noticeable impact on the shape of the CO3 solution.

Using the CO3 platform, we can easily manage our customers’ transport. Thanks to permanent availability of the carrier fleet, we can manage empty runs and more quickly respond to any unforeseen situations.

Arkadiusz Pilarski,, transport department Team Leader Seifert Polska

From the marketing standpoint., we should definitely recommend cooperation with CO3, due to the visibility and promotion of our brand.

Ilona Urbańczyk, Marketing Specialist Seifert Polska

I first started cooperation with Seifert Polska about 7 years ago, while I was still working in another organization. Looking at the dynamics of operation, innovativeness and excellent cooperation, Seifert was one of the first places I visited after opening CO3. I wasn’t wrong. For over a year we have had splendid and well-developing cooperation, which constitutes an added value for both parties.

Paweł Tronina, Managing Director CO3

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