Road Freight

CO3 offers the access to real-time position
of the vehicles visible in one place

CO3 solution is ideal for companies who owns their own fleet or cooperate with subcontractors


About our product

Track your loads in real-time

Forwarders & Shippers are already used to tracking large part of their contractors. In the new age of logistics, it's all about the edge cases to come as close as possible to full asset visibility. That's where CO3 focuses: Irregular carrier onboarding and edge cases covered by flexible infrastructure.


Vehicle's monitoring in one place

Reduce number of open tools to monitor fleet of your subcontractors or your own one. CO3 integrates all your GPS providers and shows vehicles in one platform.

SPOT focus

CO3 has the leanest carrier onboarding process that only takes hours and makes it possible to track SPOT market, which was unheard of before.

Fastest integration

Integrate your systems or use our online interface immediately. With fastest carrier onboarding process, you are ready to use CO3 in days, not months.

The most secure way to share your GPS data with a client

While most European carriers have equipped their trucks with telematics solutions, they still feel insecure sharing their data with the shippers. At CO3 we have carrier-fist approach to make sure you are in control of your data.


Overview of your whole fleet

Doesn't matter how many GPS devices you are using, observe and analyze your whole fleet real-time.

Control your data

You decide for how long you want to share the data with the shipper. May it be for one transport order or as long as you want.


Transport order reports prove your service quality and serves as a source-of-truth in case of disputes with the shippers.

About CO3

Why did we start CO3 and what are we all about?

After working in logistics industry for over two decades, CO3 founders faced a challenging problem - how to increase visibility of contracted fleet. Complains of shippers regarding incumbent players inability to cover specific use-cases have driven the establishment of CO3, which has a clear vision to establish transparent communication across all parties as an industry standard.

Over 15 years of logistics experience

Over 20 years of IT experience

Over 10 years of logistics consulting experience

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