CO3 advanced cooperation with Schmitz Cargobull

23 May 2023
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CO3 has formed a partnership with Schmitz Cargobull, a top supplier of trailers and comprehensive services for road freight, to enable secure and hassle-free exchange of data with customers. 

Schmitz Cargobull provides with his brand new TrailerConnect® Data Management Center easy access for CO3 customers to advanced telematics data as part of their services.

CO3, a leading IoT aggregator for innovative road transport services across Europe, focuses on providing companies with high-quality logistics data for their digital transformation and facilitating connectivity, communication, and cooperation between businesses.

To further enhance its effectiveness, CO3’s marketplace has been integrated with Schmitz Cargobull’s trailer telematics system.

Thanks to the interconnection of systems, data collected by the trailer’s software – including information about location and door openings – will be able to be transferred between companies and systems easier than ever before.

-This is another major step towards ensuring the universal and easy access to real-time data and telematics interoperability needed for digitalization of logistics. -concludes Anton Gustafsson, COO at CO3. Our objective is to provide the best-in-class primary data and ping rate quality to drive the development of innovative logistics apps, platforms, and solutions that optimize supply chains, reduce carbon emissions, and inform crucial business decisions. By utilizing advanced OEM truck and trailer data such as fuel consumption, emissions data, driving styles, gross train weight, odometer, and trailer load conditions, businesses can maximize supply chain performance with minimal effort by integrating with the CO3 solution.- he adds. 

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