CO3 shapes the work environment based on EVP

24 November 2022
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In the fast-changing reality of a startup, the quality of the services that we offer depends directly on the right selection of the team and its effective communication. Aiming to ensure the best possible working conditions at CO3, we have embarked on research and development of an EVP (Employee Value Proposition). The aim is to collectively summarise the values held while developing improvements to the organisation of work so that it meets the needs of both current and future team members.

As we expand the CO3 structure with new employees, we are looking for responsible people with strong work organisation skills and the expertise to respond effectively to the changing needs of the market and our customers. 

While attracting highly qualified employees, we are aware of the importance of improving the quality of the working conditions offered to them– notes Wojciech Dubaniowski, HR Business Partner at CO3. – This is why we are currently focusing our attention on the development of the EVP (Employee Value Proposition) – starting with the identification of our strengths and weaknesses. Our aim is, on the basis of information from the CO3 team, to propose improvements to the aspects of work that are already evaluated positively and solutions to the issues that our employees perceive as lacking, he adds.

First step towards change

In recent weeks, an internal survey of work organisation preferences has been carried out, focusing on identifying the areas that satisfy the company’s employees and those that require the search for new solutions. – CO3 will soon be celebrating its 4th anniversary, and at this stage of development we were interested in listening to the employees who make the company up on a daily basis. It was important for us to verify what observations our team has, to identify factors facilitating everyday work and areas that require additional attention, explains Monika Stelmach, CO3’s Co-founder.

The first stage of the study consisted of team meetings to openly discuss which features of the daily work support the tasks and which need improvement. This resulted in a list of issues identified as important by individual CO3 members. The next stage of the survey was an anonymous questionnaire in which employees gave them point values indicating which were more important to them. In this way, it was possible to create a hierarchy of issues that would be individually developed in subsequent stages of the project. 

What the EVP shows

When analysing the results of the survey, particular attention was paid to elements related to work organisation. – While we strive for a high degree of independence and responsibility for the tasks we carry out, at the same time we ensure a proper work-life balance through flexible working hours and the professionalism of our colleagues.  The survey clearly shows that we feel we can rely on others, taking into account open communication with superiors based not only on trust and honesty in expressing opinions, but above all on understanding and support in carrying out tasks. – Wojciech Dubaniowski concludes. In the opinion of CO3 employees, the ability to work remotely while maintaining very fast and effective communication thanks to modern tools also proved important in this area. – Putting these areas together, we are convinced that the people who make up the CO3 receive adequate support and space to creatively solve the problems encountered, adds Wojciech Dubaniowski.

The process of defining EVPs is also aimed at capturing the elements that we need to strongly improve in order to increase the value delivered to employees by the company. –The results of the survey show that the values on which we have built the company’s success are also important at further stages of the company’s development, says Monika Stelmach, Co-founder of CO3.

The challenge may be to clarify development paths and develop attractive non-wage benefits taking into account the start-up reality. Looking for a compromise between the possibilities and limitations of a company where change is still very dynamic, we will try to create a satisfactory offer and build a sense of security for our employees. However, we are convinced that – just as we are successful in finding optimal ways of acquiring location data – we will manage to find the right way together, Monika Stelmach concludes.

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